Experienced teachers

Our teachers have degrees in music and education and psychology! They are trained to work with children and bring out the very best in them!


Performance is a big part of learning and we offer 3 - 4 opportunities each year to let your little musician shine! 


"Main Street Music is an amazing and wonderful place to learn" - Jasmin 12 year old guitar student

"Brian might be my favorite teacher ever!" -Cullen 6 year old piano student


  • Rebecca - piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, guitar
  • Casey - guitar, ukulele, mandolin, drums
  • Zhipeng - piano
  • Adina - piano, guitar, flute, voice, violin, cello, mallets
  • Garrett - sax, clarinet, piano, guitar, composition
  • Mark - Guitar


How much should my child practice? Daily practice is essential to progress on any instrument. Practicing 15 - 30 minutes each day is ideal.

How long are the lessons? We teach one 1/2-hour lesson each week.

What method do you use? We use the Faber Piano Adventures curriculum because it is systematic and comprehensive. It includes theory, scales, ear training and improvisation.